Big Hero 6: The Superhero Team You Can’t Help But Love

Big Hero 6 is a heart-warming and action-packed animated movie that was released in 2014. As Disney and Big Hero 6 are within our licencing portfolio, we thought we would convince you to rewatch this classic!

It tells the story of a young boy named Hiro Hamada and his robot friend Baymax, who team up with a group of friends to become superheroes and fight against evil forces. The movie was based on the Marvel comic book series of the same name, but it was adapted to appeal to a wider audience, including children and families.

The story takes place in the futuristic city of San Fransokyo, a hybrid of San Francisco and Tokyo, where Hiro lives with his older brother Tadashi, who is a robotics prodigy. Tadashi introduces Hiro to his university and his group of friends, who are all brilliant scientists and engineers. One of Tadashi’s inventions is Baymax, a healthcare robot designed to help people in need. After a tragic event that takes Tadashi’s life, Hiro discovers a conspiracy involving a dangerous villain, and he decides to turn Baymax and his friends into superheroes to stop the villain’s evil plan.

The movie is a perfect combination of action, humour and emotion. The characters are well-developed, relatable and their motivations are understandable and compelling. Hiro is a smart and resourceful boy who struggles with grief and anger after his brother’s death. Baymax is a lovable and caring robot who wants to help people, even if he doesn’t fully understand human emotions. The other members of the team have their own unique personalities and skills, and they all have a meaningful role to play in the story.

One of the strengths of Big Hero 6 is its visual style. The city of San Fransokyo is a vibrant and colourful setting, full of details and references to both San Francisco and Tokyo. The character designs are also memorable and distinctive, with Baymax’s simple and round shape contrasting with the sleek and high-tech suits of the superheroes. The action sequences are well choreographed and exciting, but they never lose sight of the characters’ emotions and relationships.

Another aspect that sets Big Hero 6 apart from other superhero movies is its emphasis on science and technology. The movie portrays science and engineering as fun and cool, encouraging kids to pursue their interests and talents in these fields. The team members use their knowledge and creativity to solve problems and overcome obstacles, showing that being a hero is not just about having superpowers or physical strength.

In conclusion, Big Hero 6 is a must-see movie for anyone who loves superheroes, animation or heartfelt stories about friendship and family. It’s a movie that appeals to all ages, and it has a positive message about the power of science and the importance of compassion. The movie’s popularity has led to a TV series, video games and even a Marvel comic book crossover, but the original movie remains a classic and a testament to the creativity and talent of its creators.

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