Crafting a Greener Future in Textiles

At Misirli, we care about our planet and are dedicated to driving improvements in responsible and ethical business practices.

Our longstanding relationships with our key suppliers in Turkey, China and India ensure that our product is both competitive and transparent

Carbon Footprint

We are reducing sampling via the use of industry leading 3D design programs, which is quicker than physical sampling but also saves valuable energy and carbon footprint.


We are proud of the many initiatives that our factories are part of in a bid to create a more sustainable manufacture process. These include the use of renewable solar power energy, recycling rainwater for use in the factories and community projects to give back to the local communities in which our factories are part of.


In partnership with all our Global Suppliers, our product is made Honestly, Ethically and Sustainably.

All of our factories are members of the HIGG Index and ZDHC and we use BCI cotton as standard.


All of our factories are subject to Social and Ethical audits carried out by independent experts to ensure the best possible standards are maintained throughout our supply chain.

Auditing of the factories and the technical process is an ongoing and essential part of our trusted relationships with our manufacturers, suppliers and brand owners.

We continually invest in improvements and people to ensure we reach and maintain the stringent goals that we set