Manufacturing is a key part to our business, allowing us to bring designs to life

At the start of the process, retailers and our design teams get together to present trends, design boards, new yarns and potential styles for the season. This would normally take place a year in advance. Traditionally this would involve a CAD, a computer-aided design,  being designed by our inhouse design team that is forwarded to the factory along with technical details supplied by the UK Technical Team. Following on from this, samples would be made and sent back to the UK. These are then analysed between us and the customer, amendments to colour or design are made before a further sample request is issued. This process can repeat itself many times, which is costly and slow. As a business we have now invested in 3D design technology to reduce the number of samples and time it takes to produce initial samples. Our own Design and Technical Teams also visit our global factories to develop ideas and work on the machines to develop new techniques and innovative ways of working.

We have our own warehouse facility enabling us to store goods and dispatch as required, we can offer either Landed or FOB goods.

We have one of the most highly experienced Technical Teams in the business with over 100 years of experience. Working closely with our customers, our design teams and factories to produce and develop new products, ensure that the quality is right and to carry out testing on the product. Our UK Technical Team are also responsible for the Social and Ethical standards across all of our factories and are constantly working on a program of improvement, to ensure we reach the highest possible standards.

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