The ponies are back in all their glittery glory in this charming special that will delight longtime fans and garner some new fans into the world of Equestria. On the 26th May 2022, My Little Pony released a brand new series on Netflix called My Little Pony:Make Your Mark. At Misirli we are proud to have My little Pony as a part of our licensing portfolio allowing us to make stunning up to date designs that are fun for the whole fan base!

My Little Pony: Make Your Mark is a special that kicks off a series all about a group of pony friends and their adventures. The ponies live in Equestria, a world that has recently allowed magic powers again, and bringing the three Unity Crystals has allowed all of ponykind (from Earth Ponies to pegasi to unicorns) to live together in harmony once again. Together, Sunny Starscout, phone-loving Pipp, sheriff Hitch, crafty Izzy, and Princess Zipp work to make sure this year’s Maretime Bay Day is the best ever, and that magic will only enhance the special day. Zipp is dealing with the pressure of her future as queen of Equestria – she loves living in Maretime Bay with her new friends, but her mother wants her to return to Zephyr Heights for full-time princess training. But more importantly, she’s noticing some magical glitches that could place Equestria in danger.

Fans all over the world from young to old are excited for this new special and have voiced there opinions online, some stated “that it is the best new special that the my little pony franchise has released” and that its “well worth a watch”

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