When you think of Nerf, you likely have fond memories of using a variety of colourful and exciting blasters to fire an endless barrage of foam darts at your friends and family. Nerf have now taken it to the next level with the company’s first-ever mascot, Murph!

Murph is an anthropomorphic character made out of hundreds of Nerf darts, who the company says has no set sex or gender and uses they/them pronouns. Made completely out of official NERF dart materials, “Murph is the personification of the playful spirit – the one that can only be unleashed with NERF. They’re a natural athlete, great at NERFoop and an expert at surprise NERF Super Soaker ambushes. They can also toss a NERF Vortex Football like no other and, of course, are a fantastic trick shooter with any NERF blaster.”

Murph is their choice to lead Nerf’s new campaign, called “Unleash the Play in You”, which aims to get more kids and adults outside having fun in the sun. Hasbro’s SVP and GM, Adam Kleinman, calls Murph a “playful spirit and gifted athlete.” He also said “We wanted to introduce a mascot that represents this ageless, unbridled fun that lives in all of us and creates a physical embodiment of that feeling you get when you play with Nerf,”.

As Nerf are within our licencing portfolio, we are excited to see how the company proceed with Murph and looking forward seeing what he will do next.
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