When you speak to anyone outside of the ‘sock’ world they don’t understand our job – “you design and manufacture socks?!” you hear them say, or the look on their face just gives it away! But let us let you into a little secret – a sock isn’t just a sock… there are many technical constraints and limitations when knitting socks. The ‘lingo’ that we speak is like another language – when we talk yarns, needles, gauges, laterals, counts, bitmaps, colours per course – well you can see people start to look confused! Don’t worry yourselves about that though as we have an amazing team of sock gurus –  Graham (or our “G-dog” as we like to call him!), Janet, Bridget, Nicole and Paul work hard to ensure product is fit for purpose behind the scenes working, whilst the designers go a bit crazy on design and development to bring fab products to market. 

Just when you thought there was only 1 type of ‘sock’ we are hear to show you different! We manufacture jacquard socks, slipper socks, sherpas, cosy socks, footsies, chunky hand knit. Different yarns can be used to create a different handfeel and quality 

Not only do we produce socks for our most loved licensed brands but 50% of our business is across own brand generic designs too. This is where G-dog comes into his own creating new knit structures and techniques, sourcing amazing yarns to give the designers to license to let them imagination go free!