Boofle is a major brand across the world! More than 70 million Boofle greetings cards have been sold by UK Greetings since its launch in 2008, with annual sales now at 10 million. As they are within our licencing portfolio, we thought we would give you all a brief history to Boofle. So you can get to the know the names behind the well-known character.

Boofle is the ultimate, loveable knitted pup! Owned by leading card publisher, UK Greetings and created by award-winning duo, Sarah and David Blake, Boofle stands out as an original and refreshing 3D alternative to the traditional illustrative style of “cute” brands.

Combining distinctive photography and illustration with a fresh colour palette and contemporary patterns, the brand is genuinely unique. Boofle has a friendly, homemade appearance; knitting and patchwork give him a warm, natural feel, and this is reflected in the accompanying easy and expressive copy style.
Boofle also plays a very active part in the social media world, with 21.5k engaged Facebook fans and over 12.8k followers on Twitter. Boofle has an increased presence on YouTube, plus Boofle has his own Virtual Reality experience and two Apps including mini games and a ‘photo-boof’.

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