With three months to go until its release date, the highly anticipated Marvel Studios movie Thor: Love and Thunder has just released its first teaser trailer. Our team are very excited, as both Marvel and Disney are a part of our licensing portfolio. Allowing us to create stunning designs using all your favourite characters in the Marvel Universe.

Although this is just a short teaser trailer, Taika Waititi’s first Marvel movie since the brilliant Thor: Ragnarok is sure to be loaded with his signature offbeat humour and eye-popping visuals.

Here are five things we noticed in the new trailer:

Korg looks set to become Thor’s travel companion

Taika Waitii’s Polynesian-accented rock monster Korg was a funny scene-stealer in Ragnarok. Despite sporting a motion-capture suit, Waitii formed great chemistry with Hemsworth, so we’re delighted that he’s back in Thor: Love and Thunder. Korg may not get any lines in this trailer but there are a couple of shots where he’s standing by the side of Thor looking out towards various landscapes. Fans across the world as well as our team are hoping for Korg to become the main companion for Thor.

A New Asgard has become populated and starting to crumble


Asgard was devastated at the end of Ragnarok, and the Asgardians have settled in a “New Asgard” which is set to be in the quiet village off Tønsberg in Norway. This New Asgard looks like it’s starting to fall apart. Certainly, Asgard’s new leader, Valkyrie, doesn’t look like she has any time for the council meeting she’s seemingly been pulled into…

Russell Crowe is set to play Zues

It was announced in 2021 that Gladiator Oscar-winner Crowe would be appearing in the movie as the mighty Zeus. We only get to see him from the back wielding a thunderbolt with confidence in front of what seems to be a large arena. We are excited to see where this area could be!

Natalie Portman is the Mighty Thor

We’ve known for some time now that Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster, returning for the first time since 2013’s Thor: The Dark World would be taking over the mantle of Thor. This is demonstrated at the end of the trailer when she plucks the hammer Mjolnir out of thin air.

We are interested as to how the practicalities of two Thors will play out? Clearly, Hemsworth’s iteration is tired of fighting and Portman’s character has stepped up to the plate, the reasons for which are not clear at this stage. Will they end up complementing each other on the battlefield?

Cristian Bale’s Character is nowhere to be seen in the trailer?

There’s no sign yet of Christian Bale’s villain Gorr, the God Butcher in this teaser trailer. But he’s sure to turn up in future trailers, as fans are speculating that this could be one of the best villains to fight the mighty God that is Thor.


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