Your Guide to the Rainbow High Dolls

Rainbow High is a fine arts school that sparks imagination and encourages creativity. With their rivals from Shadow High, though, get ready to expect the unexpected as they compete to win Rainbow Vision! As they are within our licensing portfolio, we thought we would a give you a guide to the Rainbow High Characters:

Rainbow High

Fan favourites from Rainbow High series two include Krystal Bailey and River Kendall. They come with two stylish outfits ready to show off tons of poses!

Gabriella Icely and Daria Roselyn from series three have gorgeous, detailed features in their fashion, beautiful hair, long eyelashes and glass eyes.

You’ll find Mila Berrymore, Meena Fleur, Delilah Fields, Jewel Richie, Coco Vanderbalt and Lila Yamamoto in the Rainbow High series four. Each doll has different features and skin tones, unique eye shapes and fashion choices that represent the difference we see daily. These fabulous fashionistas are 11-inch dolls and the perfect playset for four years old and up. Each has a color of the rainbow to match their fashion style, and they let their true colors shine!

Finishing the Rainbow High collection are the Rainbow Divas Fashion Dolls: Sabrina St. Cloud, Meline Luxe and Ayesha Sterling, who are determined to win Rainbow Vision!

Shadow High

Here to face off at Rainbow Vision are the Shadow High Fashion Dolls. Ash Silverstone, Heather Grayson, Nicole Steel, Shanelle Onyx, Natasha Zima, Luna Madison and Shadow High Neon Fashion’s own Uma Van Hoose, Mara Pinkett and Harley Limestone are ready for the ultimate music battle. Plus, add Shadow High Special Edition Ainsley Slater, whose accessories and fashion speak for themselves. Her trunk show playset includes over 400 glamorous looks, so you can mix and match outfits! Don’t miss the Special Edition Twins Naomi and Veronica to finish the Shadow High collection, they are ready to rock the hallways!

Rainbow High Cheer

While the Rainbow High and Shadow High Dolls are ready to face off on stage, the Rainbow High Cheerleaders are ready for their battles on the field and court. All six cheer fashion dolls; Ruby Anderson, Poppy Rowan, Sunny Madison, Jade Hunter, Skyler Bradshaw and Violet Willow, are ready to cheer on Rainbow High in style! Each one sports a bright colour and comes with a comb to style their luxe locks however you want. Expand your collection of these fierce fashionistas with the Junior High versions. Go back in time and meet Violet Willow before she was Rainbow High Violet Willow. Make the perfect doll playset duo with the Junior High and Rainbow High versions and put them side by side in glamorous poses.

This group is also ready to rock some styles on the slopes for winter break. Check out their winter makeovers. Each fashion doll is dressed in her signature colour and has the most unique and bold winter essentials!

Rainbow High Pacific Coast

Just down the beach is another group of creative and inspiring fashionistas. The Pacific Coast Fashion Dolls; Finn Rosado, Bella Parker, Simone Summers, Harper Dune, Hali Capri, Margot De Perla and Phaedra Westward can have multicolour hair and a huge bonus feature – interchangeable legs that snap at the knees and allow them to change from sandals to heels instantly. They are always ready for the sun, and the Rainbow High Colour Change Pool and Beach Club Playset is the perfect setting! Lounge in style with a smoothie in hand and choose any colour in the rainbow for the pool water (clear, red, orange, yellow, green, blue or purple), or cycle through all of them!

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